Chuyang Chen (陈楚阳)

PhD Student

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University

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Chuyang Chen is a first-year PhD student who will join Prof. Zhiqiang Lin's team at The Ohio State University in August 2024. He got his MSc degree from Nanjing University in 2023 after three happy years advised by Prof. Chang Xu and Asst. Prof. Huiyan Wang. Before that, he got his BSc degree also from Nanjing University in 2020. He will always cherish the seven years in Nanjing.

Research Interests

Chuyang Chen is passionate about theories and techniques at the intersection of cybersecurity, programming languages and software engineering. Specifically, he focuses on the so-called semantic gap problem, i.e., how to go back and forth between different programming languages and specifications such as from C programs to Rust programs or from the bytecode of a Java method to its pre-/post-conditions. He is also closely monitoring and pondering what LLMs can do in the software world.

Selected Publications

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Work Experience

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Strategy games, CRPGs, and roguelikes; philosophical books and weird fictions such as Thomas Pynchon; lying flat (躺平) in his dreams.

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