Chuyang Chen (陈楚阳)

Research Assistant at the Software Engineering Institute, East China Normal University


Office: Room B416, Science Building

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Chuyang Chen was born in Xiangyang, Hubei, China, in 1998. He received his BSc degree from the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University in 2020, and MSc degree from the same institution in 2023 after three happy years adviced by Professor Chang Xu and Assistant Researcher Huiyan Wang. He is currently a research assistant in Professor Ting Su's group at the Software Engineering Institute, East China Normal University, working on metamorphic testing, symbolic execution and SMT solvers while in search of a PhD program.

Research Interests

Chuyang Chen is passionate about software testing technologies, including fuzzing, metamorphic testing, symbolic execution and constraint solving. He also has a vast interest in related areas in the disciplines of computer science and mathematics, such as model checking, static analysis and formal methods.

Selected Publications

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Work Experience

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Strategy games, CRPGs, and roguelikes; reading, especially sci-fi and philosophy; swimming, cooking, and other thought-suppressive activities…

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